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Water Restoration Pros is a full-service flood clean-up firm that is proud to serve Tallahassee, Leon County and surrounding counties in the Florida Panhandle and southern Georgia.

We offer water damage removal service for both residential and commercial property owners.

Our technicians are trained and licensed to handle water intrusion emergencies immediately.  We’re also licensed and certified to handle mold remediation as well.  So whether you’re standing in flood water right now or if you’ve reentered the property after some time and see and smell mold, we’re the company to call.

We offer the following services for residential and commercial:

  • Water Damage Restoration
  • Wet Carpet Removal
  • Flood Damage Removal
  • Sewer Damage Restoration
  • Mold Removal and Remediation
  • Mold Inspection and Testing

Restoring a property to a safe state after a flood is not the same as changing a light bulb.  It requires the proper training, experience, and equipment.  You want and need a professional to complete this work as quickly as possible. And you want the best.

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Has your residential or commercial property been damaged by flood waters, storm damage, leaking appliances or water heaters, leaking roof or any other cause of water damage?

Hire Water Restoration Pros of Tallahassee Today.

We’re the best water damage restoration service in Tallahassee and we’ll work to make your home or business safe again as quickly as possible.  Flood damage can cause serious and long-lasting problems if it’s not handled professionally and in a timely manner.

Water damage restoration involves more than just drying your property and wiping off residue. We follow the standards set by the IICRC, (Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration) in restoring your property.  Apart from moisture extraction, the restoration process involves cleaning, disinfecting, and removing the damaged property.

Some homeowners will consider trying to perform the cleanup themselves.  And others may consider some discount firms but there are important considerations when deciding who to hire when the safety and health of your family are at stake.

Advantages of Choosing Professional Water Damage Restoration Experts

1. Safety and Convenience

Hiring a professional restoration company is not only convenient but also a safety measure. Flood water can be extremely dangerous and a health hazard to you and your family. Flood water harbors harmful bacteria and other disease-causing filth. Water Restoration Pros of Tallahassee makes use of specialized equipment to remove the water in a safe manner and disinfect your home. This will ensure that your family is not exposed to health hazards.

2. Reduce Chance of Mold Growth
Water damage restoration professionals must work quickly to reduce the chance of the occurrence of mold.   One of the biggest problems with water damage is the potential development of mold that results from the moist and wet environment left behind.  In fact, mold can start growing on your walls, windows, cabinets, doors, and floors within 24-48 hours after water damage. Mold and mildew are great health hazards and individuals who are exposed to mold are at a greater risk of developing respiratory issues, lung complications, and pathogenic diseases. Fortunately, our specialists are also trained in mold removal techniques and protocols.

We’ll use up-to-date restoration methods, special equipment, disinfectants and cleaning agents to remove all the spores and fungus. In doing so, we can help to prevent further health hazard and structural damage to your property.

3. Quick Response
In the event of water damage, you need fast response, whether it’s daytime or at night. Water damage can wreak havoc in your home within a very short time since the moisture soaks into floors, walls and other structures of a home. Our restoration technicians will arrive at the scene in no time, assess the extent of the water damage and initiate a plan of action for quick water extraction, cleanup, repair and final restoration of your home. We’ll not only respond fast, we’ll also have the best equipment and experience to get the job done quickly. Call Water Restoration Pros of Tallahassee now to get back into your home more quickly.

4. Experience
We have many years of experience with water damage cleanups of all kinds. We have tackled many different projects
over the years and our vast experience gives us the best knowledge to tackle every unique problem.   We have the training, experience, and equipment to get in and get to work quickly.  If you choose to undertake DIY, going through the learning process may be a bit costly in terms of time and finances.  It can also delay the removal of water-damaged materials and create a breeding ground for more serious mold problems.

5. Specialized Drying Equipment
We have access to a broad range of state of the art technology and specialized equipment that optimize and speed up the water
damage restoration process. These include industrial strength dehumidifiers, powerful chemical cleaners, ozone generators, and specialized air-moving machines. Our team will utilize several devices to ensure that the job is completed skillfully and with optimal speed.

6. Proper Proven Techniques and Protocols
Water Restoration Pros of Tallahassee possesses the technical skills that are required to clean up, sanitize, and repair damaged property. We’re also able to determine and implement the most effective restoration techniques in your unique situation.  Trying to do it yourself may require that you undertake research on the appropriate restoration methods, acquiring the right equipment and getting other hands to help do the work.  But we’re ready to determine the best technique at a glance or after simple investigation and we’ll arrive with the necessary equipment on the first visit.  Moreover, as restoration specialists, we possess a skill set that requires extensive training and in-house continuing education on the latest techniques.

7.  Find Hidden Damage
Only water damage experts can notice hidden damage which is usually invisible to the naked eye of the homeowner. It’s actually not easy to identify moisture trapped underneath the carpet, in the drywall and behind subfloors and walls. Water damage professionals have the expertise and experience to easily identify and eliminate hidden water damage.

8. Expert Insight
After a water intrusion, you may not know if some of your affected property such as carpets, furniture, and drywall have been damaged or are in a good condition to be used. As professionals, we  conduct a thorough inspection of your property and provide you with our professional recommendations.

9. Highly Trained Team
We have a team of highly trained and licensed specialists for your  project. Our experts have undergone extensive training and we know the best techniques to apply in your  unique case. Our well-trained team knows common drying processes and will immediately
know the kind of equipment required for drying.

10. Round the Clock Services
Water damage occurs at unexpected times and sluggish response can result into more damage.  We understand that this might be reduced with quick response. Water Restoration Pros of Tallahassee ensures that its teams are always available round the clock and that we respond promptly upon being contacted.

Water damage is a serious issue. Residential properties that have suffered water damage can be a breeding ground for mold accumulation and structural damage.  Water intrusions to commercial properties carry the same inconveniences and costs plus the added cost of lost revenue to the business owner.

Hire Water Restoration Pros of Tallassee because we are ready to handle the job quickly and effectively to restore your property as quickly as possible.


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