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Take a moment to think about this. You go out at night for some fun with friends or maybe leave work after a long day. When you return and open the door, a gush of smelly water greets you. This is always a surprise but don’t panic. We’re just a phone call away.

Causes of Water and Sewer Damage

Water damage can occur due to various reasons. Once you are aware of them, you can be able to take precautionary measures to prevent this from happening again.

Bursting or leaking pipes.
This problem is one of the most common in many households and offices. Toilets and drains which are backed up and blocked often lead to undue pressure in the pipes. Also, if your garbage disposal isn’t working properly, kitchen pipes can become blocked and then the dishwasher can cause a significant water damage problem.

Plumbing issues.
Detecting plumbing issues within the walls is very challenging. Many times the water damage occurs because they haven’t been fully attached to each other.

Sewer Backup Damage.
Damaged sewer lines or septic tank problems can cause severe damage if the sewage is allowed to back up into the house. Sewage carries pathogens and bacteria that is very dangerous to humans.  Call us immediately.

Attic, basement, and crawl space concerns.
Certain sections of your office building and home are more susceptible to slow water leaks that may go undetected for a long while. When left unchecked, these areas can also allow mold to flourish which can then lead to serious health issues.

Roof or Shingle Damage.
Structural damage from storms and strong wind can cause hidden cracks in the roof. Then, when the next storm occurs, water can penetrate the attic.

Malfunctioning household appliances.
As appliances get older, their pipes start to crack and rust causing their hoses to weaken. Whether you have dishwashers, refrigerators, washing machines or water heaters at your home or office, it is
important to check on these appliances regularly. The two most common appliances which lead to water damage are hot water tanks and washing machines.

Otherwise known as heating, ventilating and air conditioning units, these can lead to water damage. In particular, air conditioners can lead to moisture buildup when regular servicing is neglected. Once the moisture cools, it can combine with mold spores in the ducts and encourage mold to thrive inside.

Natural disaster and weather-related issues.
These include disasters such as typhoons, floods, hurricanes, tornadoes and sudden storms. You may not be able to control them but, you can take prompt action by contacting a water damage restoration company to help you solve the problem.

Irrespective of the cause of the water damage, there’s always an immediate need to clean it up before other problems arise such as mold growth, electrical wire damage and the like.

The Tallahassee area has many water damage restoration companies, but Water Restoration Pros of Tallahassee is the best.

What makes us the best?

Fast response.
Ideally, the best company to go for is one with a rapid response time – within 60 minutes. This is important in controlling the problem that your home or office has sustained. Thus, choosing a local firm is the best choice.

It goes without saying that the company you choose should have the proper equipment for the job. We have the equipment to extract standing water, dry and dehumidify your property within the shortest possible time. This is because the longer it stays wet, the higher the chances of mold growing.

Highly trained team.
The last thing you need is hiring someone who will further compound the problem. Our entire team is licensed, certified and trained to ensure that we follow all the necessary steps to minimize the damage that occurs to your office or home.

Proven techniques (and years of experience).
Our technicians have extensive experience in home construction as well as water removal and structural drying protocols. Water Restoration Pros of Tallahassee has the right people to get the job done.

Insurance claims experience.
Additionally, you’ll want to select a company which has experience dealing with insurance agencies. We will provide the estimates that you need for your insurance agent to get your claim going as quickly as possible.

Price quote and estimate.
We can assess the situation and tell you what needs to be done for restoration and how much it will cost. Even though each company will have its own pricing policy, a company which knows what it’s doing will be able to examine the job and tell you a good estimate so that you can plan effectively. We take pride in offering fair prices and in only doing the work that is needed.

Water damage is no joke. When not properly addressed, it can cause you a lot of stress and pose serious health problems, especially if you have children. Disease, electrocution, mold exposure and injuries are real concerns. Thus, it’s important to seek professionals to help clean up your home or office.