Storms Can Cause Extensive Damage to Homes and Property




Storms are natural phenomenon over which we have no control, except for an ability to predict them happening. They can cause enormous damage that can at times be unprecedented, and you can take precautions to minimize storm damage and take out insurance policies to prevent massive economic losses.

Storms can bring a lot of rain into any geographical area, and this can result in flooding of basements, garages, and homes and lead to extensive property damage from water. The torrential rains can also cause roofs leaks and lead to uncomfortable living for you and your family. Most storms are accompanied by high winds, and these winds can damage roofs, throw off tiles and shingles,  and cause broken windows. They can blow down trees and branches which can be conveyed onto roofs and cause harm to the structure. Some storms can cause power outages that can lead to a lot of inconvenience to homes.

Flooded Garage

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Hurricanes can rip open roofs and wall sidings and carry away entire structures leading to substantial damage to property. Blizzards and tornadoes are other natural phenomena that can cause a lot of damage. Winter can bring in very low temperatures that then result in frozen pipes and their bursting. Tornadoes have been known to carry away entire homes, and mobile homes are particularly vulnerable to them. Lightning is another factor in during a storm and at times cause fires that can lead to extensive damage to property.

“Hire a professional water damage expert to help remove soaked materials properly and to help you restore your property.”

Storms can also cause a lot of harm to landscapes and result in broken branches from trees and in some cases they may even be uprooted. Shrubs and small growing plants may not be much affected, but larger trees and greenery can require some repair work after storms. Once the storm is over it is a must for a homeowner to carry out a complete inspection of the home and its surroundings to assess the damage and see if insurance claims can be made to recover the costs of repairs.  Start with the outside of the home and inspect the trees and plants that you have. You may require getting in a tree trimming service to cut off those branches of trees that have been damaged and are likely to prove a hazard in future.

Many professionals can help you recover from serious storm damage.  We are flood damage experts in Tallahassee, and we know what to do in these situations. You may also have to hire others like roofers and tree surgeons.

If the lower levels of your home have been flooded, we will need pumps to remove the accumulated water. We make sure that the water is led out to points from where it does not again come back towards the home. We remove any soaked materials including carpets, furniture, drywall, cabinets and curtains.  We will inspect the inside of your home. We look at all the windows and doors and see if they have damage. A leak in the home, or in the attic means that the roof has damage, and you will need to inspect all the tiles and arrange for their repair or replacement. Inspect the gutters and check their working.

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