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March, 2018

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Water damage in your home not only makes a mess, but it is a stressful time. This is especially true when the loss happens to a part of your home that is frequently used as a bathroom or kitchen. Filing a well-documented claim with your insurance company as soon as possible is of utmost importance so that repairs to your home can begin quickly. We have few tips for filing water damage homeowners claims to make the process smoother.

Review Your Policy

Carefully review your policy to see what coverage you have when it comes to water damage. Most policies cover water damage, but may not cover flooding that occurs from outside the home. For instance, your policy may include a pipe that bursts, but most likely will not cover flooding due to heavy rains that flood your basement.


Leaking appliances like dishwashers and fridges can cause major losses.

Contact a Licensed Public Adjuster and Notify Insurance Company

Even if your policy covers the damage, you’ll want to tell us immediately following the damage. This will speed up the claims process since we’ll be aware of the situation. We’re here to help make the claims process as easy as possible for you during a very stressful time. We can make sure that the first claim is submitted correctly with the proper supporting materials. Filing the water damage claim with the help of a public adjuster may eliminate some waiting time or back and forth between you and the insurance company.

Take Photos of the Damage Immediately

It’s important to have a record of the damage, and nothing shows this better than taking a lot of photos. Make sure you take close-up photos as well as distant images to have a visual record of the entire area that is damaged. Additionally, take the pictures before you begin cleaning anything.

Clean Up the Wet Mess and Get Dry

Since water damage can promote the growth of mold, you’ll want to remove standing water as soon as you have taken photos and documented the events. If you have carpet and it is soaked, you can try using a wet vacuum cleaner to remove the excess water. If the damage to the carpet is severe, it may be necessary to remove it completely.

Document the Events Leading to the Damage

We’ll need to have a clear understanding of what led up to the event that caused the water damage. Take the time to document what happened that led to the water damage. Even if you are not sure how it happened, record the details as best you can while it is still fresh in your mind.

Make a List of Damaged Items

You will also need to submit a detailed list of the items that were damaged as a result of the water. Moreover, estimate the current value of the items that need to be replaced. Don’t rush through this process; it needs to be as detailed as possible before submitting your claim.

Wait for Insurance Approval

It might be tempting to begin the repairs on your home right away, but you’ll want to wait until the claim is approved. The adjuster will need to evaluate the water damage, which can be severely hindered if repairs are underway. This may also lower the value of the claim if things are partially corrected already.

Fix the Source of the Water Intrusion

Finally, in many cases, you’ll need to take action before the insurance adjuster arrives. For instance, if the cause of the water damage is due to pipe bursting, you’ll want to shut off the water to decrease further water damage. You will need to hire a plumber to make the proper repairs so that the restoration can commence without fear of recurrence.

Be careful to make sure that you are only dealing with clean water and not grey or black water overflows.

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