Getting The Best Outcomes from Your Water Damage Loss

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Living on or near the water in Florida is a way of life. While you may love the ocean, it is your enemy when a hurricane or tropical storm hits the area. If you are a recent resident, you may have wondered how to deal with your insurance company after water damage? Here are some tips to review before an event occurs.

Understand Your Insurance Policy

Water damage and flood damage are not the same thing. Each policy has different language, but most cover damage when the loss is sudden and accidental. This means water damage from breaches in roofs and windows or burst pipes and toilet backups are covered under your water damage provision. You must have a separate flood insurance policy for flooding if you live in a low lying area that is prone to storm surges. Make sure you know what your policies say and what they cover.

Flooded Garage

Make sure to read your policy before you experience a loss.

Water Mitigation

Begin water mitigation, not restoration immediately. The latter should occur only after you and your insurance company have agreed on the amount you will receive for damages.

Take Photos

These days, it’s simple to document the damage. Carefully document all damage. What is even better is having “before” photos of your home that you can compare with “after” photos when damage occurs as such documentation will tell the whole story, especially if you dispute the settlement with your insurance company.


Hire an Independent Adjuster

Sometimes despite your best efforts, you homeowners’ insurance company may interpret the terms of your policy is a way that will not award you sufficient funds to cover your damages or even outright deny your claim. Instead of accepting a low settlement or none at all, hire an independent public adjuster to render a second opinion.

Common reasons for denying a water damage claim include ongoing or unrepaired leaks, a preventable maintenance issue, failure to mitigate damages or failure to maintain electricity resulting in burst pipes. Sometimes water damage appears gradually, quietly damaging structures and furnishing. You may not suspect any problem until warping or mold appears.

Water damage claims can be complex and challenging to document. That’s why it is to your benefit to consult a seasoned water damage removal company in Tallahassee who will work for you. By thoroughly investigating the damage with infrared cameras and moisture meters to detect and substantiate the full extent of damage, our professional company will more often than not be able to get the full coverage you need. Contact us at https://waterrestorationpros.net for help right away.  And check us out at our Facebook page -Water Restoration Pros as well

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